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Empower yourself with this mala which is designed to help you feel safe and protected as you navigate your life’s journey.


Jasper, known as the “supreme nurturer” stone, helps you respond to difficult situations and events. This stone is gentle and soothing and alleviates stress in times of strife. However, it does not cause you to hide, instead it encourages you to interact with and help others.


Black tourmaline strengthens your mind, alleviates fear and stress. It encourages a positive attitude even in the most difficult circumstances. It helps increase Self-confidence, inspiration, compassion, and prosperity thinking. This is a stone of Protection against environmental radiation, electromagnetic smog, spells and ill wishing.


Whether you use this mala in mediation or wear it, it helps awaken your courage and determination to embark on important and necessary pursuits. 

Safety & Protection Mala

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