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All About Martha's Designs

3 Marthas & 1 Castile

Martha Soria is our talented jewelry designer-who, even at the incredible age of 92 still dedicates four hours of her day to prototyping different designs for necklaces, rings, earrings, and of course our ever-popular bracelets.

Martha Arechiga is our fabulous production lead. She is a certified goldsmith and silversmith. Her favorite task is creating earrings.

Martha Sears is our passionate crystal expert. Her love of stones began at the age of 8 and her collection of stones and crystals is so large and lovingly curated that it equals some of the crystal museum.

Castile Sears is our dedicated president and operations director. His focus is ensuring that all of our labels and packaging meet our core value of education. Together, we form a unique team
dedicated to delivering powerful healing properties to you.

The three Martha's at a live sales event, standing side by side behind a table displaying their jewelry and crystals

Shop in Person

Our products are available in boutiques across the Pacific Northwest. Check us out in person:

  • Portland
    Mystery Gallery

    New Renaissance Bookshop

    The Raven’s Wing Magical Co-Op

  • Oregon

    Quantum Light Annex

    Crystal Wizard (on the coast)

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