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Manifest the life you desire with this mala. The combination of smoky quartz and citrine is designed to assist you in your journey to a Successful and happy life.


Smoky quartz helps you leave behind what no longer serves you and moves you into a more positive place to help manifest your dreams. This stone is associated with the earth and root chakra making it an efficient grounding and anchoring stone, and at the same time a powerful Protection stone.


Citrine resonates with your solar plexus chakra, which is your power center; it awakens your courage and strength. Wearing citrine helps you speak your truth, release the past, and develop a positive outlook. Because this stone attracts all good things, it is known to bring joy and happiness to all who wear it.


Whether using this mala in meditation or wearing it, you will benefit from the energy to manifest a life filled with abundance and joy.

Manifestation Mala

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