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Heal your “broken heart!” This green aventurine bracelet promotes compassion and empathy – which is important in the forgiveness and healing process.


Awaken your leadership skills as this stone promotes decisiveness and perseverance; it is because of these qualities that many consider green aventurine to be a stone of manifestation and prosperity.


Alleviate stammering, Anxietyy, depression, and nervousness. Green aventurine is an anti-inflammatory stone and because of its connection to the heart chakra, it also helps regenerate and strengthen the related organs and systems:

  • thymus gland
  • blood pressure
  • migraine headaches
  • adrenals
  • Heart
  • lungs.

Spiritually, this stone is connected to nature and all the magical creators living there, like fairies, sprites, dragons, and more

Green Aventurine Bracelet

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