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Activate the healer within you with this clear quartz bracelet. This stone auto-regulates and manages the amount and strength of energy according to your needs. It strengthens the immune system and guides your body back into its perfect balance. Because this stone absorbs energy, it is excellent to heal burns and injuries; placing it near the injury (not on the injury itself) it can absorb the excess heat and pain.


Increase your focus, clarity, and inspiration as this bracelet helps bring all your energy centers into alignment.


Wearing this stone as jewelry made from smooth round clear quartz beads, allows you to receive maximum benefit. When not wearing your clear quartz jewelry you can place it on your nightstand or work area to help clear and re-energize your environment. Clear quartz is a stone that never needs to be cleansed, and it can be used to clear and re-energize other stones.


Clear Quartz Bracelet

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