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Empower yourself with black tourmaline’s connection to earth’s energies. Through the ages and many cultures this stone has been a staple in any energy worker’s toolkit. This bracelet is designed to strengthen your mind, alleviate fear and stress. It encourages a positive attitude even in the most difficult circumstances. It helps increase Self-confidence, inspiration, compassion, and prosperity thinking.


Protect yourself with this black tourmaline bracelet as it defends against environmental radiation, electromagnetic smog, spells and ill wishing. This stone helps alleviate pain and coordination problems; it is often used for arthritis, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination.


Black tourmaline jewelry are multi-taskers. When you are not wearing your bracelet, it works to clear and transform the energy of whatever room it is in. You can leave your tourmaline jewelry on your nightstand to get better sleep and ward off nightmares.

Love these intro statements!

Black Tourmaline Bracelet

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