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Energize and balance your body, mind, and spirit to radiate your magnificence with Martha’s Designs signature gem therapy necklace. 


Each chakra governs a set of organs and systems in the body, as well as specific mental and emotional states. This power necklace is designed to benefit all seven Chakra by using the corresponding gems:

  • 1st chakra / root chakra: Bloodstone increases courage and helps the wearer avoid dangerous situations. This stone is a cleanser and re-energizer thus focusing on the health of the liver, kidneys, bladder, and spleen.
  • 2nd chakra / sacral chakra: Carnelian assists with lower back problems, arthritis, and depression; it restores your vitality and motivation.
  • 3rd chakra / solar plexus chakra: Citrine is the stone of Wealth and prosperity. From a health perspective, it’s energy assists in reversing degenerative diseases, is beneficial for chronic fatigue syndrome, negates infections, and benefits the endocrine system.
  • 4th chakra / heart chakra: Green aventurine works with the heart chakra to help heal and strengthen the physical heart, lungs, blood circulation and the chest area in general.
  • 5th chakra / throat chakra: Turquoise helps against self-sabotaging behavior, especially helps against martyr type behavior. This stone is anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and strengthens the body's immune system. Excellent for warding off exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks.
  • 6th chakra / third eye chakra: Amethyst enhances Intuition and awakens the person’s natural psychic abilities. Because of its calming nature, it helps reduce tension headaches, relieve insomnia, and ward off nightmares. For health, this stone helps strengthen the endocrine system.
  • 7th chakra / crown chakra: Clear quartz is a master healer gem that can be used for any condition. It also works with the crown chakra to bring clear thinking and connection to your spiritual self.

7-chakra Necklace

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