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Crystals and Success

Matching crystals to your goals.

Martha Sears

March 4, 2024

Crystals and Success

Knowing how to combine crystal energy with your own intentions and goals can be your secret to success. The type of success we will discuss today is business, career, or financial success; in future blogs we will discuss success in relationships, health, creativity, inspiration, and so much more.

Business or financial success is very much seated in our third chakra, also known as our solar plexus or power center. The third chakra is where our actions stem from and drives how we show up in the world of business. The color of this chakra is the golden yellow of sun energy. It follows that the easiest way to choose a crystal that resonates and enhances our power center is by finding yellow stones or stones with a golden hue. Examples are citrine, tiger’s eye, and carnelian.

In countries where crystals are a part of life, many store owners keep a crystal in their cash register to attract money and to keep their money safe. Some service businesses like health clinics, physical therapy, lawyers and such, will put a carnelian bracelet on their office door, connecting to the 2nd chakra energy of “I belong,” and attracting success from the “I deserve” energy of the same chakra.

You can take the crystal connection even deeper by combining basic success energy with specific intentions. For example, let’s say you are a project manager, and you want to be successful in both the accomplishment of the project but also in how you manage people. Then you want to combine the energies of citrine or carnelian with those of garnet. Garnet is a stone for team building, leadership, courage, commitment, love, devotion, hope, and mutual assistance in seemingly hopeless situations; this makes it the stone to have in crisis situations, start-ups, and aggressive / fast-growing business.

You can also consider what you are working to defend against or avoid as part of your business success—things like ill-wishing, risks, competitive threats. In this case you want to add a Tiger’s Eye bracelet to your success tools. Tiger’s eye is associated with the root chakra energy of “I am safe!”, the sacral chakra energy of “I belong!”, and finally, the solar plexus chakra energy of “I can achieve! I am empowered!” Tiger’s Eye is connected to both the earth and sun’s energies which makes it a strong protective stone as well as enhancing your personal power. In ancient times it was used for protection against curses and psychic attacks. But this stone takes it one step further in your success qualities: it enables whole brain thinking, including mental clarity and logical thinking, thus allowing you to translate data into practical and actionable information. Tiger’s Eye helps you differentiate between wishful thinking and understanding what you really need.

When assembling your business success tools remember to include your crystal energies; combine them to cover all the bases by layering your bracelets. Be bold, be fashionable, be successful!

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